Summer Camp 2023

In keeping with the spirit of our highly interactive, informative, power-packed and fun-filled summer camp in previous years, Summer Camp 2023 is back with even more vigor and activities.
Our activities are aimed at developing our young generations ability to innovate, be smart, decent, creative, healthy and fit. These activities help in growing a passion for Engineering, Science and Arts. Supporting personality development, growing mental fortitude and raising IQ as well as EQ.
Summer Camp is an opportunity OPEN TO ALL who wish to benefit from our unique environment of learning and fun.

Summer Camp 2023

Online Learning and Live/Interactive Classes

Learning through daily online live classes

APEX Education System continues to provide an environment by whatever means necessary to allow our children the opportunity to learn concepts, innovate, be creative, cultured and balanced in a well-rounded learning process. During the current situation of COVID-19 lock-down, our usual practice of integrating technology into our delivery has provided the perfect opportunity to expand this experience of learning through daily online live classes.

Our system has adopted Google Education, G-Suite environment as our mode of online interaction. Google platform has a treasure of features and applications to support online learning and most importantly it is easy for both teachers and students/parents to participate in online learning and activities compared to other options as it is designed primarily for online learning. One of its benefit which made us select it as our platform of choice over other competitors in the domain was its low requirements on both device specs and internet bandwidth required as well as the most natural environment to achieve normal school experience from home.

We have announced 2 scholarship programs (Trailblazer and AAAS) each with its own quota of seats based on merit so the children who deserve quality education should not be affected during these unusual times.

Project Based Learning

Co-Curricular Activities


Arts and Culture Competition

Congratulations to APEX Education System Students who were awarded First Prize in poster competition held at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) and Second prize in Poetry and Skit Competition.

The theme was conceptualised to inspire young students in understanding the importance of OBOR (One Belt One Road) as a bridge between different countries and cultures.

The event served as a splendid opportunity for students from different participating schools to come together and talk about the concept behind their posters and discuss the cultural and educational opportunities that we can all benefit from. All the participants really enjoyed the event, hats off to the organizers and members of association.

The students really loved the appreciation they got at the international event. We appreciate the Media as well for giving our young students the exposure to express themselves at a Global stage.

Coverage-National Television :


Creative Arts & Crafts