We provide an integrated system of Education taking the best methods from both traditional and modern techniques. We focus on core values to achieve a balance in life and better enhance the learning capabilities of our children. 

Under the guidance of qualified practitioners in a supportive environment our students develop the ability to be leaders and team players, as well as, independent learners for life.  Read More... 

Our staff is meticulously picked for their skill, experience and commitment to provide quality education. The team, after extensive research, has amalgamated a curriculum based on Montessori principles along with parts from early childhood learning and ideas from world’s best recognized kindergarten schools. Providing a nurturing, supportive environment along with an education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play.

Our Curriculum for Primary classes onward follows Cambridge along with ideas from IB. STEM and Project Based Learning is an integral part of our delivery method. We give our children the opportunities they need to develop themselves and gain knowledge by experiencing the learning process through self discovery. Our dedicated and passionate staff is always there to support them in exploring ideas and gain a natural desire to learn. Students are encouraged to use all the facilities and technology available to come up with innovative solutions and then analyze the results by going through the traditional process and reinforcing their concepts.

Our research team works tirelessly to add latest science and technology tools available today to create a modern, conscious, and self-sufficient student body. It continuously revises the operational curricula and trains teachers though extensive workshops to adapt to latest teaching methods. Children get to make creative choices in their learning while highly trained teachers offer age-appropriate activities to guide the discovery process.

Students learning to relate and develop their understanding of all these disciplines applied in combination. 

Answering questions like

  • Why do we need to learn this,
  • What is its use,
  • How did we discover this,
  • What can we do with the concepts we just learned, 
  • How is this all related.

A Journey from knowledge to Wisdom.