To apply online, please fill the form below and click the APPLY button. Alternatively you can also download the application form and submit a filled scanned image through email or physically send the form to school.

If you need any help please call the school administration office for guidance.

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    Admission Policy

    Admissions are conducted annually. Students are allowed to enroll during school term depending upon the circumstances of late admission, and the availability of places.

    There is no entrance test for children at the Montessori level I, II and III. Children wishing to enter grades 1 and above, must pass a school assessment test before being considered for admission.

    The required documents for the admission process are:

    1. Parents’ CNIC copy
    2. Applicant’s Copy of birth certificate
    3. Applicant’s Copy of Form “B”
    4. Progress Report of the last school attended
    5. Transfer Certificate from the last school
    6. 4 passport size colored photographs of the child on white background

    Eligibility Criteria

    Children are admitted in the Montessori on a first come first serve basis as seats are limited; however, admissions in Montessori classes are open throughout the year.

    We are offering an extensive Montessori Program starting from, Montessori level I to Montessori level III. A child can be admitted above the age of 2.8 years.

    For Montessori classes an informal assessment is conducted combined with an interview with the Parents/Guardian. The confidence, development of motor skills, hygiene and mannerism of the child is also taken into consideration.

    Primary / Secondary Section

    The school has a policy for admissions based on the principles of transparency and fairness. Without discrimination, Apex welcomes students from all communities, with merit as the sole criterion for admission. Admission in Primary/Secondary classes depends on the availability of seats. Test and Interview: The School’s admission selection committee provides a fair and thorough screening process considering each application holistically.

    • The School will intimate parents of the appointed day and time of test and interview of candidates and their parents respectively through email/phone given at the time of the form submission.
    • An assessment will be conducted of the candidate’s academics and behavior skills.
    • For admission to Grade I onwards written test in the core subjects (English, Urdu, Mathematics, Science and social studies) will be taken.
    • After the written test a formal interview of the child will be conducted with both parents present.

    Terms and Conditions:

    The decision of Admission Committee is final.

    Parents must ensure that they bring all the necessary documents with them. Parents must comply with the rules and regulations of the School.

    The School reserves the right to check the person and personnel information of all those allowed into the School premises for security reasons.

    Our Feedback system

    Parent teacher meetings help to build a strong communication between parents and teachers. Evolve sense of commitment, which ultimately ensures the child’s success in academia and personal bearings. It benefits the student to achieve his/her maximum potential both in the classroom and outside.

    We also encourage parents to participate actively in school activities and events.

    Parents are expected to attend workshops designed to help improve children’s learning potential and help them gain confidence and a positive attitude.

    Regular feedbacks are requested from parents at appropriate intervals and areas of improvement are indicated and followed up.

    The schedule of meetings is specified in the academic calendar.

    School Timings

    • For Montessori 1-3 (08:00-12:30) Friday (08:00-12:00)
    • For classes 1 and above (08:00-02:00) Friday (08:00-12:30)

    Timings will remain the same during summers and winter. Timings are subject to change in Ramadan. A circular will be provided to inform parents.


    For Montessori uniform is optional. From Grade 1 onwards the uniform follows as under:


    • Navy Blue lined shirt
    • Navy Blue trousers
    • V neck navy blue sweater (winter)
    • Navy blue blazer
    • Navy blue socks
    • Black school shoes


    • Navy blue shirt with navy blue lined collar
    • Navy blue shalwar
    • Navy blue sach/scarf
    • Navy blue socks
    • Front open navy blue sweater (winter)
    • Navy blue blazer
    • Black school shoes